Jonalisa is a fan first and foremost. His love affair with music started in his teenage years and while he has a place in his heart for a myriad of genres, EDM holds a special one. The funkadelic sounds of Earth, Wind, and Fire coupled with the groovecentric medleys of a ya like Eagles & Butterflies shapes his early sound before he found his footing as a producer. The now twenty-six-year-old finds himself on the cusp of greatness in Hamburg, Germany, where he began releasing original material not too long ago in 2019. His first release in 2020, “Closing,” shows his immense level of talent although lacking a hefty resume of achievements. Controlling every aspect of the release from start to finish allows Jonalisa to keep a high level of authenticity within his work that comes few and far in between for artists in the modern-day. A heavy dosage of techno progressions with the flair of funk slows his music to not only carry an undeniable rhythm, it also gives it an inherent danceability that is hard to resist when played through the headphones in your home or the speakers live. Jonalisa is poised for greater things as time wears on, so enjoy the ride!

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